Dance Elements

Dance Elements is fun and energetic dance company here in the Flathead area. They deal with a variety of dance styles and age. 


Business Cards

Dance Elements is a fun yet sophisticated Dance Studio. Their business cards also give that feel. With the purple foggy background giving your a youthful elegant feel. The font they selected for their logo also conveys movement and simplicity at the same time.

Programs: InDesign

2017_Schedule Postcard_E-Mail_Page_1
2017_Schedule Postcard_E-Mail_Page_2

Keeping with their fun, elegant feel I also created a 2017 Schedule and Registration.  Here we have one of their dancer posing for a great movement shot. Along with their red text and elegant purple to keep the marketing cohesive.

The back of the postcard also has the same color palette. With a flower in the background that has been masked with white for easier visibility of the schedule and registration. The fonts are very clean and easy to read, making it better for Dance Element clients to read and fill out.

Programs: InDesign



Every year Dance Elements puts on a show to show their students talents and routes. In 2017, I created all the marketing materials for their theme Light It Up. Based on the name we went with neon colors and a rave feel.

This was the banner that hung outside of the theater before their show.

Programs: Photoshop, InDesign

2017_Schedule Postcard_E-Mail_Page_1

Dance Elements create different looking tickets for each show. Each ticket was built with the same concept; neon lights, and rave feeling. Attached with Dance Elements’ old logo design.

Programs: Photoshop, InDesign

2017 Program

The 2017 program again used the same color palette as all the Light It Up marketing materials. All the photos and content were provided by other parties. However, all graphics and some ads were created by Tori. Along with the layout of content and positioning of images. 

Programs: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator