The Towne Printer

The Towne Printer is a Kalispell, MT based print shop. While working there I worked hard to develop a strong branding for them. While there I developed print materials and digital materials.

The Towne Printer text

Towne Printer Wordmark

While designing the letterhead for The Towne Printer. Tori figured that a wordmark would work better for the layout design and have a better appeal.

Programs: Illustrator

Towne Printer Submarks

While working on consistent branding for The Towne Printer. Tori also created their submark. This is used as a background graphic to control customers’ eyes and create an appeal.

Programs: Illustrator


No. 10 Envelope

To create a consistent appeal the envelope along with some other marketing materials has the wordmark and submark to create better brand recognition for the Towne Printer’s clients.

Programs: Illustrator, InDesign



Along with creating a consistent appeal, the letterhead also uses The Towne Printer slogan “We are Printing” in the bottom corner of the letterhead. Here I’ve also used The Towne Printer logo as a graphic to add some more appeal to the letterhead and control your eyes to the slogan.

Programs: Illustrator, InDesign


Business Card

The Towne Printer business cards also needed a revamp. With the business cards, we took the same approach as we did with the letterhead and envelope. By using the wordmark, submark, and logo. Also with the business card design, we created our own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons. 

Programs: Illustrator, InDesign

Rack Cards

The Towne Printer rack card was recreated, too. With the rack cards, we took the same approach as we did with other marketing print materials. By using the wordmark, submark, and logo. Also keeping in mind that using the same font on the front and back to create a cohesive feel.

Programs: Illustrator, InDesign

Other Designs For Towne Printer