Vote Yes for Muldown

In 2017, PAC had the mission to inform the Whitefish community about the issues currently facing Muldown elementary and the need for a new facility. Muldown needed to pass a bond to improve Muldown Elementary School. 


Muldown Logo

Muldown is an elementary school that already had a logo. However, they were looking for a logo that would be fun and creative, which still could attract parents to vote yes. By using fun and vibrant colors the Vote Yes for Muldown logo had and appeal to kids and their parents.

Programs: Illustrator


No. 10 Envelope Design

To keep the brand cohesive I used the logo and the same font on the envelope and create brand awareness.

Programs: InDesign



For the letterhead, we center-aligned everything and used a larger font to attract your eyes to the address. Then used a smaller font and same green as in the logo to pull your eyes to the bottom of the letterhead for more information.

Programs: InDesign


Rack Cards

It is always good to have good marketing materials and Vote Yes for Muldown decided to use a rack card as a way to convey information. With the Rack Cards, they answered some of the voter FAQ. While I kept their marketing materials legible and appealing.

Programs: InDesign